20/20+ is designed to run on linux operating systems.


20/20+ can be downloaded on github.

Package requirements

Once you have downloaded the source code for 20/20+, please add the directory to your PATH variable.

We recommend that you install the dependencies for 20/20+ through conda. Once conda is installed, setting up the environment is done as follows:

$ conda env create -f environment_python.yml  # install dependencies for python
$ source activate 2020plus  # activate the 20/20+ conda environment
$ conda install r r-randomForest rpy2  # install the R related dependencies

Every time you wish to run 20/20+, you will then need to activate the “2020plus” conda environment.

$ source activate 2020plus

The 20/20+ conda environment can also be deactivated.

$ source deactivate 2020plus

Check your PATH variable

Make sure that you have add the 20/20+ directory to your PATH variable. We recommend you add this line to your bashrc file.

export PATH=$PATH:/path/to/2020plus

Where “/path/to/2020plus” represents the path where you placed 20/20+. If you have done this correctly, the following command should print the location of the script.

$ which